Solar Fan – 30ft Greenhouse Dome



Our Solar Fan is solar powered and “run by the sun” and is the most technically advanced, environmentally friendly ventilation solution.

This is the number of solar fans that the manufacturer recommends based on 10 air-exchanges per hour (their ideal)

The fans move 1200 cfm under ideal conditions (at noon, no obstructions or clouds, no mechanical problems, etc.) under normal conditions, the various sizes may require more than this amount to achieve 10 air-exchanges per hour.

Solar Fan Struts

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Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 29 × 12 in
Solor Fan Struts - Please Choose Dome Size

For 16ft Dwell Dome, For 16ft T Dwell Dome, For 20ft Dwell Dome, For 24ft Dwell Dome, For 30ft Dwell Dome, For 36ft Dwell Dome